Denim Jackets For Winter

Styling A Denim Jacket

If the denim jacket is bright and dull in color the the pair it up with some dark color such as black or maroon to give a decent look to overall outfit by wearing a dark colored trouser such as black denim or a black chino by matching the shoe color with the t shirt color.Or by just pairing it with white sneakers,which is a neutral play of not dressing too flashy.If you are a dude who can pull of mid top or high top then go for it and beware of your height (PS:-according to my opinion tall people can easily pull of mid top and high top sneakers.)Again its my opinion.

Quality Durables Co. Men's Regular-Fit Jean Jacket

Other Styling option

If the denim jackets is of dark or saturated colors as in black or dark blue.Then the t shirt worn can be preferably one of the light colors which gives decent look and the trouser can be dark colors such as navy blue,black or dark green again not preferably the color of your denim jacket so as to not look like uniform.Shoes preferably might be as in dark colors matching the trouser or the white sneaker(universal choice) or else match it with your t shirt color,which brings out the overall look of the outfit.

Calvin Klein Men's Denim Trucker Jacket

Does and Don'ts

1. Combine a denim jacket with contrasting casual cotton, cargo or corduroy pants, camos and chinos.

2. Go for denim pants! Remember, higher the contrast, better the combo.

3. Throw a fashionable sleeveless blue washed denim jacket over a modern tee and a pair of distressed denims.

4. Pair a solid denim jacket with a spread collar and button down your favourite close-fitting shirt to make heads turn.

5. If the denim jacket is a loose fit, top it over a round neck stripped tee, roll up the sleeves, pair it with dark cotton pants.


  1. Nice post! Thanks for sharing the options to style denim jackets. However, I have a black hued custom sports jacket
    . Could you suggest me the ways to flaunt it?


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