The Maximos Men’s Sherpa Lined Hooded Jacket

The Maximos Men’s Sherpa Lined Sahara Hooded Multi Pocket Jacket is the ideal characteristics of a Sherpa Lined winter coat for work or play. For some who work outdoors, the cold weather can be a welcome break from the hot, humid days of summer. The first line of defense against cold-related injuries is to wear proper clothing.

The Sherpa Lined Military Style Cotton Jacket will perfectly serve you from spring to winter. This flexible and strong 100% Cotton Blends softshell jacket is the perfect lightweight layer to slip on while you’re running errands, tackling the morning commute, or nipping out for coffee with a client – wear its slim silhouette over tees or shirts accordingly. Therefore, the emphasis is primarily on the insulating filler with a high resistance to adverse climatic and weather conditions. Read more


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